Welcome to EU 2017!

We are looking forward to getting underway TONIGHT at 8PM! 

Download the app: we communicate with everyone via the Evangelism University app that you can download on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. You can also find singing audio clips, videos, as well as the 2017 Booklet. Make sure to enable push notifications!

Check-In at the Gym: Youth Ministers and group leaders are urged to check in at the Gym at the back of the school when you arrive. You'll get meal tickets, t-shirts, and a housing assignment if you're staying with a Savannah family. 

We're looking forward to seeing you tonight! 


We're way too excited to have you all coming to EU TODAY! A few things you should know: 

  • Our EU Twitter account is @evangelismu. Go follow us! Our official hashtag is #EU16 this year. 
  • Our app has been updated with links to some new videos as well as the 2016 Booklet. We'll have a bunch of printed copies available at EU, but you can get a look at the schedule and classes on the app through the booklet links. If you don't have the app yet, just look it up on iTunes and Google Play. 

We can't wait to see you tonight!

2016 Registration Now Open!

Registration for Evangelism University 2016 is now OPEN. Head over to the Registration tab here on the website to register your group, or register on our app right on your phone. Just like last year, you can pay right on our site with a credit card without having to visit any other sites. If you need to pay by church check, we can work with you - email us here

Download the EU App

Help Us Clean Up!

We need your help to stack all the black chairs in the classrooms back against the walls and straighten up your classrooms after our last class at 3PM. Let's leave it better than we found it!

Official Hashtag and Tomorrow Morning

EU's official hashtag for this weekend is #EU2K15. Use that on Twitter and when you show us you "Bad Vines!"

Reminder that EU will meet in the gym in the morning and EUTwo will meet in the Savannah church auditorium. 

Announcement: Lights on ALERT!

If you are the owner of a silver Toyota Corolla with Wilson County tags, your interior lights are on! 

We hope to provide notifications and alerts just like these all weekend long, so keep checking back in our News & Announcements section!

Our Booklet is ALL DIGITAL This Year

It's time for us to step into the 21st century - not only do we have an app but we also have our booklet going ALL DIGITAL this year. 

A couple of different ways to view/download the booklet:

  • View it from the Home screen of our EU app
  • Use the bottom tab named 'Booklet' in the app to view individual sections including all classes separated by teacher
  • Use that same screen on the 'Booklet' tab to download the book in your browser on your phone. This will allow you to reference it later even if you don't have a connection. This is also highly recommend for iPad users. 
  • Head over to evangelismuniversity.net in your browser on your device or computer and download the Booklet in your browser. The link is on the Home page at the bottom middle. You can even save the PDF to iBooks so you don't have to reload it every time you want to view it. 

We're looking forward to seeing you all in just a few short hours!

Campus Map Classroom Locations

Things change, and sometimes things change fast! We want you to be aware of all the updates to announcements, news, and classroom locations. The Campus Map under the Booklet tab is where you need to go to see up-to-date info on classroom locations. We'll post changes here as they come. Stay up to date with us!

• R19 > moves to I5. If you have a class that you were going to attend in R19, it is now in I5. 

EU15 Registration is Now Closed

Registration for EU 2015 is now officially closed. If you missed registering your kids, please contact Savannah Church of Christ during normal business hours and we can work something out. 

We can't wait to see you next Friday!